Look at today’s software industry and you’ll see how popular relational databases have become. Creating Tables in SQL will show you how to start building your own custom database.

In this course, you’ll discover how to manage the structure of a relational database. You’ll be asked to create tables and drop (delete) them when they are no longer needed. You’ll also get acquainted with some of the best practices guiding database design.

Discover how to define various table elements, including constraints, primary keys, UNIQUE keys, and foreign keys. Learn how ALTER TABLE works and how you can use it to modify your table structure. Finally, learn how to create virtual tables called views.

If you want to take control of your database structure and understand it perfectly, this is the right course for you!

What Do You Need to Take This Course?

Just a web browser and an Internet connection

This Course Will Teach You How To:

  • Create tables
  • Implement primary keys
  • Determine the best usage of unique keys
  • Define and use foreign keys
  • Apply and understand constraints
  • Understand when, how, and why you’ll need to drop tables
  • Change table structure using ALTER TABLE
  • Decide when and how to use views

Plus, you’ll get to practice your skills on 177 interactive exercises.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Anyone who wants to refresh their knowledge of SQL
  • Analysts who use relational databases
  • Beginning developers
  • Hobbyist programmers
  • Students taking courses in relational databases
  • Business database users who want to improve their skills
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    Table of contents

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    1. Create your first table

    Remember what tables are? You will learn how to create simple tables

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    2. Data types

    Text info, numbers, dates, logical values. Learn how to tell your database what data you're going to store

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    3. Creating tables - revision

    Let's recap creating tables and the basic data types

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    4. Primary keys

    How to tell the database that an id column is really an identifier

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    5. Constraints

    Price below zero? A person over 1000 years old? It's not going to happen again. Learn how to tell the database what are the restriction for the data it stores

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    6. Foreign keys

    How to properly reference one table in another table

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    It's not just tables in the database. Learn what views are

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    8. Quiz

    Time to test your knowledge!

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