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That's right. We've already mentioned that one of the reasons for data types is that we can sort information if we know what they are. Let's check that.

SELECT * FROM user_account
ORDER BY nickname;

As you can see, we can sort the results of our SELECT statement by writing ORDER BY followed by the name of the column (or a few columns separated with commas). The default order is ascending (that is, A comes before B). If you want to reverse the order, just put DESC after the name of the column:

FROM user_account
ORDER BY nickname DESC; 


Peter started working on his database and he he now has an impressive number of two columns in his table user_account: columns first_name and nickname.

Let's retrieve all information from the table and sort it according to the values in column first_name in the ascending order.

Stuck? Here's a hint!


FROM user_account
ORDER BY first_name;