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Text information
Date and time


Great! We'll start off with text information. This is a data type which we can use to store words and expressions like 'barbecue', 'Hannah Smith' or 'Maroon5'.

In SQL, text information is always stored between two single quotation marks '(apostrophes). They are important, because they tell our database 'Hey, this is text information!'.


Do you still remember Peter from the first part of our course and his childhood museum? Well, his idea didn't really work out. He now has a new idea in mind - an online dating website! In this part of the course, we're going to help him develop this new brilliant idea.

He hasn't done much so far. There is only a single table user_account in his database with a single column named nickname. Let's practice working with text information by putting his first user Kangaroo19 into the table. Remember about the quotation marks!

If you don't remember how to insert data into tables, check out our course about operating on data in SQL.

Stuck? Here's a hint!


INSERT INTO user_account VALUES ('Kangaroo19');