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Text information
Date and time


Good. Just as you could expect, it's not possible to enter a longer value into a char(x) column.

We're now going to introduce another text data type. Depending on the database, it's called TEXT or CLOB. In our database, both names refer to the same data type.

This data type is used to store text information of any length. You can store one word and a thousand words in such a column.


Peter decided that the old table user_account was not enough and that the 10-character-long nicknames didn't really work. What's more, he wants users to describe themselves! Let's create a new table user_account with the following columns:

  • first_name of type varchar(32),
  • nickname of type varchar(32),
  • description of type clob.

Stuck? Here's a hint!


CREATE TABLE user_account (
    first_name varchar(32),
    nickname varchar(32),
    description clob