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Alright! You might, however, wonder how double and real numbers are stored in the database.

It's pretty straightforward, you can put the numbers just as you do in English: 1.5 stands for one and a half (in some languages you would write it as 1,5 - this is not correct in SQL).

If you want to store really big or really small numbers in your database, you can use scientific notation in DOUBLE and REAL columns. For instance:


stands for 1.26 * 10^4, which is 12600. The letter e is the only letter allowed in number fields and it specifies the exponent for the base 10.


Our first daredevil is ready to specify his weight. The user with user_id 10 weighs (column weight) 87.3 kg. Put this information into table body.

Stuck? Here's a hint!


INSERT INTO body VALUES (10, 87.3);