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  • This course is simply amazing! :) Very well organized and carefully explains all the important aspects of SQL queries.

    Bob Jackson

  • Perfect course! it is a good way to practice and learn SQL.

    Ronald Ruan

  • So far the best course for me. I had no prior knowledge of databases and now im following step by step and learning with ease. straighforward steps. no jumping around. awesome

    Joe Guirguis

  • Great course to kickstart your SQL journey! The course sets the groundwork perfectly. Finish the examples here and move to more advanced stuff.

    Shubham D

  • By far the best SQL course I've tried! You easily outrun codeCademy, codeSchool and the others.

    Oren Yonash

  • It is very good to see that you people are doing very well in sharing knowledge. I actually recommend this website to my all students and they even report me as a positive response about your work.

    Zul Hayat

  • Excellent .. Tried so many other SQL courses but none of them were as fun as this one. it keeps you motivated till the end. Thank you so much

    Dipanjan Mondal

  • One of the most beautiful learning journeys I've ever had!

    Saiyan Coder

  • After just one course I feel confident enough to power forward. It will take some time, but, I know I will be a pro at this in the future - with Vertabelo's help!

    Hope McKinney

  • Great way to learn if you're a hands on learner more than reading from a book or watching a video.

    Spencer Bertrand

How It Works

At Vertabelo Academy, we believe that learning by doing is the best way to master a new skill. That’s why our courses are fully interactive. Real-life examples and scenarios show how you can use the concepts and techniques presented.

  • Start by reading the exercise's instructions and explanations in the Instruction box.
  • Once you understand the concept, read the Exercise.
  • Type your code in the Code Editor and test it on a real database.
  • Get instant feedback and move on to the next challenge.

  • Fully Interactive

    Solve examples and exercises modeled on real-world problems.

  • Real Database

    Get comfortable working in a realistic database environment.

  • Track Your Progress

    Challenge yourself! See how far you’ve come and how you compare with other learners.