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Uber drives you. We drive Uber.

Over 5000 people at Uber took a ride in our online SQL courses. Why do the employees of the world's best-known data-driven company love Vertabelo Academy so much?

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  • Lots of practice and encouragement as well as help if you need it. Just look at the class chat area. The stuff I have learned so far has helped me in several projects that I am currently working on.

    Sheila Dickson Sharepoint Administrator/Developer and Graphics Designer (INDUS Technology)

  • Vertabelo is really easy to use, the learning is well-paced, and the interactive platform is exceptional. The best part is, I can log on any time during work or at home and do a few lessons to advance my knowledge.

    Mick Pagel Supply Chain Analyst (Carvana)

  • I am astonished at how well designed the exercises are. I’m learning Python, and I can feel that I’m actually making real progress. I plan to take all the courses from the Python Basics series.

    Daniel Debny Network/Systems Administrator (e-point)

  • Your courses do a great job of explaining the material and are very challenging but not discouraging. I have really enjoyed your courses, and I always recommend your company anytime I come across somebody looking to learn SQL.

    Mario DiMartino Test Engineer (BioTel Research)

  • Vertabelo Academy provided me with the chance to learn SQL well enough to list it as a skill for my resume and job applications. This has been a great supplement to my education. It is a great resource (and an inexpensive one) to learn SQL and get the language mastered.

    Ethan Shutt Loss Prevention Representative (Nordstrom)

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  • Learn By Doing

    Our hands-on approach uses real-life examples and hundreds of engaging, informative exercises.

  • Set Your Own Pace

    Study on your own schedule. No deadlines. No due dates. No time crunch.

  • Earn Certificates

    Prove your new skills by earning a certificate for your resume or LinkedIn profile.

How It Works

At Vertabelo Academy, we believe that learning by doing is the best way to master a new skill. That’s why our courses are fully interactive. Real-life examples and scenarios show how you can use the concepts and techniques presented.

  • Start by reading the exercise's instructions and explanations in the Instruction box.

  • Once you understand the concept, read the Exercise.

  • Type your code in the Code Editor and test it on a real database.

  • Get instant feedback and move on to the next challenge.

  • Fully Interactive

    Solve examples and exercises modeled on real-world problems.

  • Real Database

    Get comfortable working in a realistic database environment.

  • Track Your Progress

    Challenge yourself! See how far you’ve come and how you compare with other learners.