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The Vertabelo Good Book Review: “SQL Cookbook” by Anthony Molinaro

SQL Cookbook The Vertabelo Good Book Review

Recipes that make querying easy, even for the novice. In today’s information age, we have at our fingertips almost an overabundance of teaching and information on any and every subject. In the midst of this glut of information, it can be hard to decide which is the best source for our needs. But, fear not; we are here to assist you as you navigate through decisions about books on SQL topics! Our first review will cover Anthony Molinaro’s “SQL Cookbook”.

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Using LIKE to Match Patterns in SQL

Matching patterns is a very important and useful ability. In this article, we look at how you can match patterns using the SQL LIKE operator. Pattern matching is a very simple concept. It allows you to search strings and substrings and find certain characters or groups of characters. You can find pattern matching mechanisms in SQL and in other programming languages. In this article, we’ll examine how the LIKE operator can be used to search substrings. We’ll also talk about

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Understanding Numerical Data Types in SQL

Working with databases of any kind means working with data. This data can take a couple of predefined formats. As you start on your learning path with Vertabelo Academy, you will start to understand SQL’s different data types. In this article, we will cover the numeric data types of ANSI SQL. We’ll also examine some functions that convert data from one type to another.
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5 Functions for Manipulating SQL Strings

SQL’s string functions are among its most important tools. In this post, we’ll look at five ways you can perform various operations on strings. There are many SQL functions that let you “edit” string data. Some trim off unneeded spaces or characters; others tell you how long a string is. These functions give you a lot of opportunities to transform and work with strings, which makes your code more effective. They also make code easier to understand. Every SQL developer

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Preventing Common SQL Mistakes

Regardless of the engine you are using (SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, etc), you can prevent common errors and simplify the debugging process. This article will discuss some of the issues you’ll face and will help you tackle them successfully. One of the best ways to prevent SQL errors is to keep your queries clear and readable. It’s very easy to forget the ideas behind your code! If you have to revisit it (and you will), messy code can be hard

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Strategies for Online Learning Success

Internet-based learning is very popular. Knowing your learning style and motivations will help you study smarter, not harder. We tend to spend a lot of time online these days. Between watching funny YouTube videos, catching up on news and celebrity gossip, and binge-watching our favorite Netflix series, we even find the time to learn new skills. But are we in a constant learning process? How can we pluck out – from the vast resources of the Internet – the exact

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