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Welcome to our quiz! This is an additional part where you can check how much you remember from the whole course. We've prepared a few challenging tasks for you. Ready, steady... go!


A local publishing house organizes a competition for the best short story. They need a table to store information about the entries they get.

Create a table entry with the following columns:

  • id an integer number,
  • title - a text of up to 250 characters,
  • date_submitted - date & time when the entry was submitted,
  • category - a code of exactly 5 characters,
  • summary - a longer text field,
  • is_anonymous - a yes/no field used to determine whether the author wants to be anonymous.

The column id is the primary key.


Stuck? Here's a hint!

Do you remember the various kinds of data types we used? They were discussed in detail in Part 2. Take a look back if you can't recall them!