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Line plots
7. Grids, titles and labels
Multiple histograms
Other plot types


Excellent! At this point, we only need some final touches to the subplot:

subplot.set_title('Mean temperatures in Toronto and Barcelona')
subplot.set_ylabel('mean temperature')
  • Line 1 adds horizontal lines to the y-axis to increase readability.
  • Line 2 sets the title that will be visible above the subplot.
  • Line 3 sets the label of the x-axis.
  • Line 4 sets the label of the y-axis.
  • The result looks like this:

Sample plot

As you can see, creating a visually appealing line plot is quite easy! Mind that you can use the set_xlabel, set_ylabel, and set_title to all kinds of plots and subplots.


Add the following elements to finish your line plot:

  • Subplot title: Book Sales,
  • X-axis label: year,
  • Y-axis label: profit,
  • Grid for both axes (tip: use axis = 'both').

Stuck? Here's a hint!

To add a grid for both axes, use: