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What DataFrames are
DataFrame columns
DataFrame rows
Filtering rows and columns
Filtering data frames
25. Filtering rows with conditions
Sorting rows


You can filter your DataFrame by providing conditions. Suppose we would like to get a list of hospitals that have rating greater than 3:

hospitals[hospitals['Hospital overall rating'] > 3]

The condition hospitals['Hospital overall rating'] > 3 returns a Series of Boolean (True or False) values:

0 True
1 False
2 True
... ...

The bracket syntax returns rows for which the corresponding value in the Series is True (in our case, hospitals with a rating greater than 3):

Hospital Name ... Hospital overall rating
0 Abbeville Area Medical Center ... 4
2 Avera St Lukes ... 5
... ... ... ...

It's a good idea to assign the conditional Series to a separate variable, to make the code more readable.

south_carolina = hospitals['State'] == "SC"

Note that here we're comparing each value in the State column to a string.


Show the countries where the GDP is greater than 25000.