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They say that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. At Vertabelo Academy, we strongly believe in this adage. We’re creating courses because it’s what we enjoy doing. We’re passionate about SQL and data science, and we want to deliver the best content possible in these domains.

To that end, we provide our users with practical modules because learning by doing is the best way to master a new skill. Vertabelo Academy students learn in a real database environment and at their own pace. Whenever a student has a question, they can chat with others on our forum or even contact us directly. And this is one of our most important achievements—our community is growing, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

We get increasingly more messages from our users. You share your difficulties, successes, ideas, reflections, and even private life stories with us. And it means a lot to us that you take the time to get in touch with us and let us know what you think—we’d hate to grow detached from our users.

On that note, to celebrate Valentine’s Season, we’d just like to share one of our users’ letters—I guess you could call it an SQL love story 🙂


I would never expect, that taking online SQL class on Vertabelo Academy will change my life in such a way. But let’s start from the beginning.

I worked as an administrative assistant and was comfortably sitting in a place without any views for self-development. It was safe, well paid, with benefits, Christmas bonuses and with a lot of time for google surfing.

From the very first day I classified this job as a stepping stone. I will move on soon. Just one more day. Well, maybe another one and another. Two years passed away within a blink of an eye. More I hated this job more stressed out I was getting. Pretty soon I was convinced that I will spend my life there. Hopeless, bored to death, getting old and lonely. I know it sounds like moaning of an desperate single. Truth is, not getting along with men was quite a problem those days. And to be honest, I was introvert with lack of small talk skills. I hated talking and listening about another perfect haircut, manicure, shopping, wedding dresses and cute children.

I was heading to the end of third year in my job. Upcoming Christmas with love kitch everywhere was making me feel like killing myself. And then, when I was almost at rock bottom, with long list of presents to buy and over ten dishes to cook, the change came in like an electric shock. I got fired.

Numb – this is how I felt at the time. I got dismissal wage and didn’t have to go to work any longer. Freedom or curse? I started to plan my unemployment time and realized that I don’t know what I really want to do in my life. I needed to reset myself and ask basic questions. Somewhere between “I’m dropping everything and starting wool growing” and “always wanted to try homelessness”, I realized that I seriously need to rearrange my life and this is the best moment to do so. That is why I grab the phone instantly and call my friend to drink this through.
After third beer I was convinced that everything is possible and I declared that I can become an IT specialist. My friend burst into laughter scoffing. Triggered I bet him that in six months I will not only find a job in IT but also a husband. It was a bet for jackpot. If I won he would give me away his precious Dobro Guitar, which he got from Mark Knopfler during the concert. If I lose a bet I would have to get a tattoo with Justin Bieber’s face.

The very next day, fighting huge hangover, I figured that this bet actually makes sense. I always had analytical skills, I was meticulous and already took some excel courses in job. Maybe software developer job will be out of reach for now but I started to believe that there must be a way to meet halfway.

After searching in the internet I found what I was looking for. I started SQL online course at Vertabelo Academy. The spectre of Bieber’s face on my arm was motivating, but soon I didn’t need a threat any more. Finally I was learning new skills and enjoying it. I checked out what competencies and qualifications will I need to start working with databases. I continued SQL courses for next three months on Vertabelo Academy. I found there everything, what I needed. I could start with basics and develop my skills with more advanced courses. I joined Vertabelo Academy discussions attached to courses so I could ask for help and also give tips to others. I met people with whom I could finally had an interesting conversation. They shared their experience and could recommend ways to find a suitable job.

Finally I started to apply for positions where my new skills would be required. Another month later I started to get responses for my applies. Two months and thousands of structured queries later I got a job as a data analyst.

As for the bet with my friend… Well, I lost. After six months I didn’t get married. The good news is, I didn’t have to make a tattoo, and I fell in love: with SQL and my friend. He kept the guitar, but since we moved in together, he lets me play it.

Kamila Ostrowska

Kamila has been working in e-learning for three years, with an emphasis on adapting digital training methodologies to suit diverse learning styles. Kamila loves sailing, writing, reading, and taking long walks in the forest. Occasionally, Kamila grows nostalgic of the mountains she gave up in favor of sailing.