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4. Get to know the data – tables trip and hiking_trip
Very simple subqueries
Subqueries with multiple results
Correlated subqueries
Other subqueries


All right, now the best part: the trip table. Of course trips are the essence of every travel agency! In this table, we store information about the trip ID, the ID of the city where the trip takes place, the duration of the trip in days, and the total price.

Apart from trips to cities, in the table hiking_trip there are also hiking trips on mountains! Each hiking trip has its own ID, the ID of the specific mountain, the number of days it takes, its price, the trip length in kilometers and the difficulty where 1 means 'piece of cake' and 5 stands for 'you're not coming back from there'.

So much for the tables. Let's get down to work and learn something new.


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