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Tuples as return types in functions
Tuples as records
List of tuples
12. Removing tuples from lists


Great! Here is another example where we combine list and tuple techniques:

cars_to_sell = [
  ('Volvo', 18000, 137000),
  ('BMW', 23000, 80000),
  ('Opel', 12000, 75000),
  ('Ford', 14500, 100000)

def remove_cars_above_15k(car_list):
  for car in car_list[:]:
    if car[1] > 15000:


In the above code, we remove cars priced above $15,000. Note that we iterated over a copy of the input list – we used car_list[:] in the for loop – to avoid incorrect results. This is a trick we learned in the previous part.


Create a function named remove_sql_specialists(people_list) that, given a list of tuples in the format shown in the template code, removes people whose job titles contain the word "SQL" from the list.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

You can use the in operator to check if a given job title contains the word "SQL":

if 'SQL' in position: