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Tuples as return types in functions
Tuples as records
List of tuples
10. Lists of tuples


Good job! We mentioned that tuples are often used to represent real-world objects. Because we typically have multiple objects in any IT system, we need a way of keeping them together. That's why we often create lists of tuples. Take a look:

cars_to_sell = [
  ('Volvo', 18000, 137000),
  ('BMW', 23000, 80000),
  ('Opel', 12000, 75000),
  ('Ford', 14500, 100000)

In the list above, each element is a tuple that represents a single car to sell.


Create a list named new_hires that will contain three tuples, each representing a single new employee. Each tuple should have three elements: the employee's name, position, and monthly salary. Include the following people:

  1. Mark Adams, an SQL Analyst who earns $4,000
  2. Leslie Burton, an HR Specialist who earns $2,300
  3. Dorothy Castillo, a UX Designer who earns $3,100

Stuck? Here's a hint!

The first tuple should look like this:

('Mark Adams', 'SQL Analyst', 4000)