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Tuple basics
Tuples in functions
11. Returning tuples from functions


Excellent work! Tuples can also be returned from functions. Take a look:

users = [
  ('John', 'Smith', 29, 1.85, 'British'),
  ('Anne', 'Johnson', 27, 1.76, 'American'),
  ('Alejandro', 'Garcia', 25, 1.80, 'Spanish'),
  ('Janusz', 'Nowak', 32, 1.84, 'Polish')
def get_min_max_height(users):
  min_height = users[0][3]
  max_height = users[0][3] 
  for user in users:
    if user[3] > max_height:
      max_height = user[3]
    if user[3] < min_height:
      min_height = user[3]
  return (min_height, max_height)

The code above accepts a list of tuples and returns a tuple with two values: the minimum and maximum height of the users. To access a given tuple in the list, we can use a single pair of square brackets: for example, users[0] is the first tuple in the list.

Once we have a tuple selected, we can use another pair of square brackets to select a given item from the tuple. Here, users[0][3] selects the first tuple and then selects the height (the fourth element) for this tuple. The function iterates over the list, checks the height value in each tuple, and updates min_height or max_height accordingly. On the last line, we return a new tuple created with (min_height, max_height). Naturally, we can store the return value in a variable:

min_max_height = get_min_max_height(users)

Alternatively, you can also unpack the function result into two separate variables:

min_height, max_height = get_min_max_height(users)


Create a function named get_total_distance_price(connections). This function should accept a list of tuples containing train connection data. An example list is provided in the template.

Your task is to add up all the distances from each connection and store the result in a variable named total_distance.

Similarly, add up all the ticket prices and store the result in a variable named total_price.

The function should return a tuple with the following elements:

(total_distance, total_price)

Stuck? Here's a hint!

Inside the function, define two variables:

total_distance = 0
total_price = 0.0

Iterate over the list and add the distance and price of each train connection to the list.