SQL Advent Challenge 2017: Day 7

Task #7:

Retrieve the names of countries from which there are no children on Santa Claus’s list. Sort the results by country name in ascending order.

Answer for the crossword:

The name of the first country in the result set.

  • Travis

    Was this perhaps supposed to be the first country in the answer set? I’ve checked my work in as many ways as I can think of and no matter what, the last country in the set only has 5 letters (and thus won’t fit into the crossword) whereas the first (and second, actually) countries both have 9, and would fit.

    • Katarzyna Stolarek

      Hi! Thank you for the notice, Travis. The answer for the crossword is the first country from the result set.

      • Travis

        Hooray! Glad I didn’t just come up with the completely wrong set.