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6. Date objects: weekdays


Good job! Python can automatically calculate the weekday for date objects. Take a look:

fra_mad_scheduled =, 12, 1)
print('Weekday of my flight (standard):', fra_mad_scheduled.weekday())
print('Weekday of my flight (ISO):', fra_mad_scheduled.isoweekday())

The weekday() function returns an integer from 0 (Monday) to 6 (Sunday). The isoweekday() function is similar, but returns a value from 1 (Monday) to 7 (Sunday) instead.


You are given the date object from the previous exercise and a list containing weekday names. Use both variables and the weekday() function to print the following sentence:

Daniel Higgins started working for us on a {weekday name}

Stuck? Here's a hint!

Note that the integer in higgins_start_day.weekday() can be used as an index to retrieve the name of the appropriate weekday from the list.