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What we will learn
Know your problem
Know your data
6. Look at your data
Visualize your data - bar chart
Work with your chart
Check yourself


In this chapter, we will look closely at some time series data from the WHO database. It is contained in the zimbabwe_consumption dataset, and it contains details about alcohol consumption in Zimbabwe during the 2000-2014 time period.

This dataset contains 15 observations (one for each year) and 3 variables that characterize each observation:

  • country - the name of the country,
  • year - the year in which alcohol consumption was measured,
  • consumption - the number of liters of pure alcohol consumed per adult in that year.


We know what to expect in our dataset, but let's look at first 10 rows to get the details. Type the appropriate code into the Console.

When you're done, press the Run and Check Code" button to check your code.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

You should write:

head(zimbabwe_consumption, 10)