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What we will learn
Know your problem
Know your data
7. Identify variable types
Visualize your data - bar chart
Work with your chart
Check yourself


We've already learned how to recognize different types of variables. Let's apply this knowledge to understanding our dataset.

A time variable can be interpreted as either a categorical ordinal or a numerical variable. In our dataset, we have a time variable: year. To fully understand year, though, we have to know more about the consumption variable. This is because the numeric variable (consumption) will influence our interpretation of the time variable (year).

Below, we've repeated the variable descriptions and extended the description of consumption. Based on what we read about consumption, what kind of variable is year?

  • country - the name of the country,
  • year - the year in which alcohol consumption was measured,
  • consumption - the number of liters of pure alcohol consumed per adult. It is measured yearly and it is the amount of pure alcohol contained in all types of alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, spirits, other) consumed during that year.