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Side-effects in functions
7. Multiple operations in one function


Typically, functions are more complex and can contain multiple INSERT, UPDATE, and/or DELETE operations, as shown in the example below:

CREATE FUNCTION remove_product(prod_id smallint)
RETURNS void AS $$
  UPDATE product
    is_available = false,
    is_active = false
  WHERE product_id = prod_id;

  DELETE FROM prod_inventory
  WHERE product_id = prod_id;
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

The function above updates a product with a given ID and sets its attributes (is_available and is_active) to false. It also deletes the product from the product inventory.


Implement a new function named remove_user_account() that has one argument: user_account_id, of type integer.

This function will do the following operations:

  1. Update the record in the user_account table with a given ID (user_account_id), set the is_deleted flag to true, and set the deleted_date to the current_date value.
  2. Mark all users' posts as deleted: update all user's posts (based on a given ID) in the post table, set the post's is_deleted flag to true, and set the deleted_timestamp to the current_timestamp value.