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4. The post table
Side-effects in functions


The largest table we're going to work with in this part is named post. As its name suggests, this table basically stores all the posts from the forum users.


Write a SELECT statement that returns all rows and columns from the post table. Otherwise, it stores NULL:

Column Definition
id The ID of the post.
parent_id The parent post of a given post (for a post, if the given row represents a comment).
topic_id The topic a given post belongs to. Relates to the topic's id.
is_best_answer The boolean value designating whether a given row represents the best answer on the topic.
content The content of a given post.
user_id The user who created the given post. Relates to the user_account's id.
posted_timestamp The timestamp for when the post was created.
thumbs_up The upvotes of a given post got.
thumbs_down The downvotes of a given post got.
is_deleted A boolean value designating whether a given post was deleted.
deleted_timestamp If a given post was deleted, this column will have a timestamp of deletion, else stores a NULL.