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Reviewing SQL and numbers
2. Get to know table character
So you think you can count
Round and other functions
Review and practice


Let's introduce the table we'll use in this part of the course. If you're one of those people who love MMORPG games, you'll love the table too.

The table name is character and it stores information about heroes in an online RPG game. A single user can have more than one character. Let's see what the table contains in detail.


Select all the columns for the table character.

Each character has its unique id and the id of the user it belongs to. The character is at a certain level, belongs to a certain class (wizard or warrior) and has a certain amount of money (account_balance).

There are also hp (health points) and mp (mana points), as well as the basic statistics – strength and wisdom. Due to various curses and blessings, the statistics can be affected by the stat_modifier, which can be positive or negative.

Finally, there is the height and weight of each character, expressed in meters and kilograms respectively.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

Use * to retrieve all columns.