So you think you can count
Round and other functions
Revision and practice
23. Summary


Amazing! OK, let's summarize what we've learned today. We know the following principles:

  • Computations in floating point numbers are not always exact. Use decimal numbers for all money columns and when precision matters.
  • Dividing two integers is a integer division. Use CAST(column AS TYPE) to avoid it.
  • Avoid division by zero. For now ...

We've also learned some useful functions:

  • mod(x,y) or x%y - it returns the reminder of division of x by y
  • round (x) or round(x,p) - rounds up the number to the integer or to specified precision (p)
  • ceil(x) - rounds up to a nearest integer value
  • floor(x) - rounds down to a nearest integer value
  • trunc(x) or trunc(x,p) - always round towards zero to interger value or to specified precision (p)
  • abs(x) - returns a absolute value of x
  • sqrt(x) - returns a square root of x

The queries we've written so far were fairly simple. Let's test your knowledge with more advanced examples.


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