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The key argument
The itemgetter() function
10. The itemgetter() function with multiple arguments


Good job! The itemgetter() method can also be used to sort by multiple tuple elements. Take a look:

from operator import itemgetter

products = [
  ('home', 'SuperPower3000', 299), 
  ('home', 'maxVoltage 2', 349), 
  ('enterprise', 'ELECTROKING', 585), 
  ('enterprise', 'aMpLiFiEr 52S', 1230),
  ('enterprise','AlternatingCurrent', 789), 
  ('home', 'el3ctric 2.0', 199)

products.sort(key=itemgetter(0, 2))

In the example above, itemgetter() takes two arguments: 0 and 2. This means that the products will be first sorted by category (index 0) and then by price (index 2).


Sort all the employees in ascending order, first by city and then by employee name. Modify the employees list and print the result. Use the itemgetter() method.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

Use itemgetter(2, 0).