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Simple JOINs recap
Various kinds of JOINs
Filtering with LEFT JOIN and RIGHT JOIN
16. Summary


Good! Let's summarize what we have learned:

  • You can join multiple tables with the JOIN … ON construction. After the JOIN keyword you need to specify the table you want to join. After the ON keyword you need to specify the condition upon which you want to join the tables. The complete name of JOIN is INNER JOIN.
  • LEFT JOIN is another commonly used type of JOIN. It is used when we want to return ALL rows from the LEFT table, even if there are no matching rows from the right table.
  • There is also the RIGHT JOIN, which is the symmetric opposite of LEFT JOIN.
  • A FULL JOIN is a union of LEFT JOIN and RIGHT JOIN; it shows matching rows from both tables AND the rows that do not match from each table.
  • A CROSS JOIN produces all possible combinations of rows from the first table joined with rows from the second table.


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