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Simple JOINs recap
2. Get to know the author table
Various kinds of JOINs
Filtering with LEFT JOIN and RIGHT JOIN


Before we start doing exercises, let's get to know the tables we'll be working with.

Today, we'll visit the Bookworm Bookshop. It has lots of books in stock from various authors. Let's take a look at their database, shall we? First, the author table.

You can view table in the Database tab on the right. Throughout the course, you can always consult the Database tab to check the names of tables and the data they contain.


The author table consists of four columns:

  • id – the ID of a given author,
  • name – the name of a given author,
  • birth_year – the year in which a given author was born, and
  • death_year – the year in which a given author died (the field is empty if they are still alive).

Select all data from the author table.

Type the appropriate SQL query in the Code editor panel and press the Run and check code button.

Stuck? Here's a hint!


FROM author

If you don't know how to select data from one table, we recommend you first try our Basics of PostgreSQL course before moving on.