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3. Get to know the character table
So you think you can count?
Rounding functions and more
Review and practice


Let's go to the second table. If you love MMORPG games, you'll love this table too. The table is named character, and it stores information about characters in an online role-playing game. Each player can have more than one character. Let's see what this table contains.


Select all columns from the character table. Each character has its own unique id, and is associated with the ID of the player who created it (the player_id column). All characters have reached a certain level, belong to a certain class (e.g., 'wizard' or 'warrior'), and have some money (account_balance).

There are also stats like hp (health points), mp (mana points), strength, and wisdom. Due to various curses and blessings, characters' statistics can be affected by the stat_modifier attribute, which can be positive or negative.

Finally, there's the height and weight of each character, expressed in meters and kilograms, respectively.