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2. Selecting data


The short quiz in this part of our course will help you decide whether you're cut out for the PostGIS adventure ahead of us or if you should first complete some other courses we offer.

If at any point in this short quiz you get the feeling that it's too difficult for you, try our SQL Queries course first.


Before moving on, let's get to know the table we'll use in the quiz. The entire course is about geography, and so is the quiz table! Here's the first task: select all the information from the table travel_spending. You can always view all the tables in the Database tab on the right.

Done? Now, let's talk about the table in detail. A traveler named Mark decided to keep track of his spendings on each day of his trip throughout Asia. You can view the unique id of each day, its date, the country he visited on that day, the specific city he was in, and the usd_amount he spent that day.