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2. Our data


If you have already taken some of our courses, you may have noticed that we usually introduce two or three simple tables in each part of a given course.

In this PostGIS course, things will be a bit different. We'll use the same set of roughly ten tables throughout all parts. Most of the tables will have something to do with the beautiful city of San Francisco, California, as Mark decided to settle there after his little trip around the world. You'll be tasked with helping him get to know the city through and through!

We'll be analyzing various hotels, bicycle routes, tram stops and other things that you'll typically find in any bigger city. The geographic data will all be real information for San Francisco.

  • The geographic data in the tables sf_atms, sf_selected_railways, sf_tram_stops, sf_hotels, sf_bicycle_routes, sf_restaurants, sf_sights, usa_states, sf_chains were taken from OpenStreetMap.
  • The geographic data in the table sf_planning_districts was taken from
  • The geographic data in the table sf_household_types were retrieved by the Census Bureau Data API.

You can download the dataset used in this course here.

If you know San Francisco, you'll also see other kinds of things you may not recognize, like hotel names and bicycle route conditions. We have to admit, those are totally made up!

Does all of that sound complex to you? Don't worry! We'll introduce the new tables gradually so you can get familiar and comfortable with our data as we progress.


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