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1. Welcome
Get to know the database
Basic revenue metrics


Hello and welcome to our Revenue Trend Analysis in SQL Server course! This course is aimed for students from various industries who would like to use SQL to analyze revenue trends for their companies. Once you learn how to analyze revenue, you'll also be able to analyze other trends, such as website visits over time, in a similar way.

Revenue is the income generated from the sale of products (or services, if that's what your company is selling), before any costs or expenses are deducted. It is sometimes called sales or (in the UK) turnover. To determine net income you subtract all charges, costs, and expenses from the revenue.

Revenue is the most important figure in a financial statement for a company. In this course we'll look at various revenue metrics and we'll learn how to compute them in SQL.

This course is not meant for complete SQL beginners. If you don't know SQL at all, take a look at our SQL Basics in MS SQL Server course. It will teach you about JOINs and the WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, and HAVING clauses – all of which you'll need for this course.

If you already know all of that, then let's get started! First, we'll get to know the database we're going to work with.


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