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1. Welcome to Practice Field
Simple OVER()
Ranking functions
Window frame
Analytic functions
Order of evaluation


Hello and welcome to our Practice Field! If you felt like the exercises were not enough at any point of our course, here is a place where you can solve further window function problems.

The last part of this course, part 10, is a Final Quiz, which you need to complete in order to successfully finish this course. We are aware that window functions are a powerful tool which requires practice and review. This is why we created this part – it does not introduce any new knowledge, but it reviews everything you have learned so far, part by part.

In each section, we'll quickly review what we learned by introducing a single example to refresh your memory. Then, you will be presented with some exercises. Know the answer right away? Fantastic! Need some help? Don't worry, each exercise has a hint which you can check.


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