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1. Introduction


Welcome to our Statistics 101 course. If you have taken any of our SQL courses before, this course is completely different. Instead of teaching you how to code, we will teach you some mathematical (or rather statistical) concepts.

This is the first of an upcoming series of courses on how to analyze data. So far, we have been teaching how to get data from a database. We want to start teaching you some techniques on how data can be processed and analyzed further.

This is a theoretical course on teaching you the basic concepts of descriptive statistics. There will be quite a lot of computations, so grab a pen and piece of paper (or a spreadsheet)—they're going to be very useful!

As you have likely noticed, the screen layout in this course is different from the layout in SQL courses. The instructions panel (left side of the screen) is wider. Since we're not teaching code, there is no code editor or console. The exercise panel has also been moved to the right of the screen.

The exercises are initially hidden. We want you to focus on the instructions first and start working on the exercises after you have read the instructions. You have to click the Show exercises button to see the exercises. Let us know in the comments if you like this new layout.

In this course we'll be introducing tooltips, so keep an eye out for yellow text boxes. Hover your mouse over these to read the annotation we've prepared. We will also use two new types of exercises. Click the Show exercises button, and solve our example exercises.