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How to query more than one table
Creating JOINs
Referencing columns
10. Filter the joined tables
Let's practice


Amazing job! Now that we know how to work with columns, let's find out how to filter the results even further:

FROM person
JOIN car
  ON = car.owner_id
WHERE person.age < 25;

The new part here is the WHERE clause. Now we only look for such connections of cars and their owners where the owner is below 25. Be sure to include the table name in the condition (person.age).


Select all columns from tables movie and director in such a way that a movie is shown together with its director. Select only those movies which were made after 2000. In the joining condition, let the first table be movie and the second table be director.

Stuck? Here's a hint!


FROM movie
JOIN director
  ON director_id =
WHERE movie.production_year > 2000;