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1. Welcome
Customer cohorts


Welcome! In this course, we'll teach you to analyze customer behavior using SQL. We'll use information from an imaginary online supermarket to analyze the entire customer lifecycle: acquisition, conversion, customer activity, retention and churn.

In layman's terms, acquisition is the stage when the customers learn more about the company's offerings from visits to the website, or by testing products in a store. In an online business, this stage ends with customer registration on the website.

Conversion is the stage where customers purchase a product or service.

The next stage is retention. Now that a new customer has been acquired, the focus is to help the customer derive satisfaction and value from the product and services. In this stage, you can measure customer activity: how much they purchase, how often they use your product, etc.

The final stage in the customer lifecycle is customer churn. Inevitably, customers will stop using your product. Customer churn is the percentage of customers that stopped using your product or service during a certain time frame.

Understanding the customer lifecycle is very important for all businesses. We'll teach you how to prepare commonly used reports to analyze different stages of the customer lifecycle. The queries and reports in this course are universal. We'll use the data from an online store, but you'll be able to easily adapt the skills you learn here to your own business needs.

Let's get started!


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