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Reading JSON files
9. JSON with nested objects
Summary and Review


Can we work with more complicated objects in a JSON file? We certainly can! As you may recall from the intro, JSON also supports nested objects. We could have a file like this:

  "employees": [
      "first_name": "Emma",
      "last_name": "Jones",
      "age": 43
  "departments": [
      "name": "sales",

When we use json.load() on such a file, we will get a nested dictionary.

Let's say we have information for a company with multiple departments. To get information about the departments, we first need to choose them, like so:


This will give us a list of different departments.

Now, suppose we want to get the names of all departments with more than 50 employees:

for shop in company["shops"]:
  if shop["number_of_employees"] > 50:


Read the file named morgana_inc.json into memory as morgana. Find the street address of the shop in the city of Santa Cruz de El Seibo (print the street).