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Displaying values
The print function
List basics
17. Accessing list elements


Excellent! Elements in a list are indexed (numbered), and you can get a specific item in the following way:

# define a list
canadian_cities = [
  'Toronto', 'Montreal', 'Calgary', 
  'Ottawa', 'Edmonton', 'Mississauga', 
  'Winnipeg', 'Vancouver', 'Brampton', 'Familton']

# access Ottawa

We provide list name (canadian_cities), followed by a pair of square brackets. Inside, we put the index (number) of the specific element. This way, we can access any element in the list.

List indices start at 0, not 1. In other words, canadian_cities[0] is the first element, and canadian_cities[3] – the fourth element. This is a common mistake among beginners, so watch out!


What were the sales on the third day in your previously defined list? Access the right list element.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

Remember that the third element has index 2.