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Dictionary basics
6. Adding and editing dictionary elements
Dictionaries in loops and conditional statements
Dictionaries in functions


Perfect! You can also use square brackets to add or edit a dictionary element:

phonebook = {'Mary': '8349374', 'Anne': '7439834', 'John': '3472983'}
phonebook['Mary'] = '8740334'

In the code above, if the dictionary contains a key 'Mary', the associated value will be updated. If the dictionary does not contain the given key, the key-value pair will be added to the existing dictionary:

phonebook['Jack'] = '6667384'

This code will add a new key 'Jack' to the dictionary and map it to the given string value. Jack's phone number is 6667384.


Add a new element to the dictionary: Windows XP, released in 2001.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

Use: os_releases[2001]