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The print function
Math in Python
The input function
21. Question


Your task is to write an interactive program!


Write a program that will tell the user how much they can earn on a deposit when compound interest is applied. If you don't know anything about compound interest, follow the instruction below:

Ask the user for the following information: initial_amount, interest_rate, annual compounding_frequency, time – expressed in years.

Then, calculate the final_amount as:

\text{initial\_amount} \cdot \Big(1 + \frac{\text{interest\_rate}}{100 \cdot \text{compounding\_frequency}}\Big)^{\text{compounding\_frequency} \cdot \text{time}}

Show the following sentence: At the end of the period, you will have {final_amount}

We've already prepared the inputs in the Code Editor. Implement the formula and show the sentence.