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Selecting n-th row
22. Summary


That was another correct answer! Okay, let's review what we've learned in this part:

  • The most basic usage of ranking functions is: RANK() OVER(ORDER BY column1, column2...).
  • The ranking functions we have learned:
    • RANK() – returns the rank (a number) of each row with respect to the sorting specified within parentheses.
    • DENSE_RANK() – returns a 'dense' rank, i.e. there are no gaps in numbering.
    • ROW_NUMBER() – returns a unique rank number, so even rows with the same value get consecutive numbers.
  • NTILE(x) – distributes the rows into a specific number of groups, provided as x.
  • To get col1 of the row with rank place1 in a ranking sorted by col2, write:
    WITH ranking AS
        RANK() OVER (ORDER BY col2) AS RANK,
      FROM table_name)
    SELECT col1
    FROM ranking
    WHERE RANK = place1;

Alright, it's time for a short quiz!


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