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The COALESCE() function
6. Using COALESCE() with other functions
The GREATEST() & LEAST() functions
The NULLIF() function


Nice! You can also use COALESCE() with other functions and operations, such as concatenation, multiplication, etc. Take a look:

  COALESCE(category, 'unknown category')
    || ': '
    || COALESCE(type, 'unknown type')
    AS category_type
FROM product;

In the above query fragment, a NULL category or type value is replaced with an appropriate message, but we can still see the type when the category is NULL (and vice versa).


Show the following sentence:

Product X is made in Y.

X is the product name and Y is the production area. If the product name is not provided, display 'unknown name' instead. If the production area is not provided, substitute 'unknown area'. Name the column origin.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

Use the operator || to create the sentence. Remember the period/full stop.