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The ISNULL() function
The COALESCE() function
The NULLIF() function
15. NULLIF() – practice 2


Okay! One more exercise on NULLIF() and we'll go on to another section.


Mr Amund wants to release a new promotion.

The promotion is as follows: each customer who orders a product and picks it up on his own (i.e. no shipping required) can buy it at a special price: the initial Price minus the ShippingCost! If the ShippingCost is greater than the price itself, then the customer still pays the difference (i.e., the absolute value of Price - ShippingCost).

Our customer has 1000.00 USD and he wants to know how many products of each kind he could buy. Show each product Name with the column Quantity which calculates the amount of products. Get rid of the decimal part. If you get a price of 0.00, show NULL instead.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

Use FLOOR() to get rid of the unwanted decimal part. Use ABS() to get the absolute value.