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4. Get to know the data – the Trip and HikingTrip tables
Very simple subqueries
Subqueries with multiple results
Correlated subqueries
Other subqueries


All right, now the best part: the Trip table. Of course, trips are the essence of every travel agency! In this table, we store information about a trip's:

  • ID
  • City ID
  • Duration (in days)
  • Total price

Apart from trips to cities, the agency also keeps track of information about hiking trips to the aforementioned mountains! The HikingTrip table stores information about each hiking trip's:

  • ID
  • Mountain ID
  • Duration (in days)
  • Price
  • Length (in kilometers)
  • Difficulty (where 1 means 'piece of cake' and 5 means 'you're not coming back from there')

That's it for these tables. Let's get down to work and learn something new!


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