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Returning all data from a table
Select some columns
Filtering rows
Text patterns
14. Use text
To be or NULL to be
A bit of mathematics
Let's practice


Until now, we only worked with numbers in our WHERE clauses. Is it possible to use text (also known as a string) instead of numbers? Of course! Just remember to put your string in single quotes like this: 'example'.

If you wanted to know the age of all Smiths in your table, you could use the following code:

WHERE Name = 'Smith';

Note that the case of the letters matters, (i.e., 'Smith' can be different than 'SMITH'). Whether these two versions actually differ depends on the setup of your SQL Server. It is common in SQL Server to use the case-insensitive setting, where two strings with different cases will be treated as the same (we also use this setting in this course). It's important to remember, however, that it's possible for two such strings to be treated as different strings if a different setting is used.


Select all columns for Ford cars.

Stuck? Here's a hint!


WHERE Brand = 'Ford';