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Returning all data from a table
2. Read the result
Select some columns
Filtering rows
Text patterns
To be or NULL to be
A bit of mathematics
Let's practice


As you can see, the Car table has six columns:

  1. Vin (short for vehicle identification number)
  2. Brand
  3. Model
  4. Price
  5. ProductionYear
  6. FirstOwner (a flag denoting whether the current owner of a given car is also the first owner)

The names of the columns appear at the top of the result table.

There are eight cars in our table: two Fords, one Toyota, three Volkswagens, one Fiat, and one Opel. You can see that the price of a Toyota is 11,300 and the prices for Fords are 8,000 and 12,500. Note that the price for an Opel is not specified – we'll explain that later.


Examine the result.

When you're done, click Next exercise to continue.