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March 2020 SQL Challenge

Welcome to the next SQL Challenge! If you have finished our SQL Basics and SQL JOINs courses and want to keep your knowledge fresh, this challenge is for you. Get ready to sharpen your skills in our March 2020 SQL Challenge.

Let's start!

Design a garden full of flowers!

March is a good month to plant the first flowers in a garden. Many people dream about having a flower garden and spending their free time in its beautiful surroundings.

Mary and Tom are one such couple. One day their dreams came true: they bought a garden plot! However, designing their garden was not so simple. What flowers have they bought? What colors and categories are these flowers? Did they buy any special flower?

Follow the instructions to help Mary and Tom design their first garden. (Hint: In each exercise, you can see a sample of the data. Look in the right-hand menu, under the "Database" tab.)

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    1. Challenge #4

    Practice SQL with our free SQL coding challenges for beginners! Each month, there’s a new set of exercises to solve with real-time feedback.

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