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April 2020 SQL Challenge

Welcome to the next SQL Challenge! If you have finished our SQL Basics, SQL JOINs and Standard SQL Functions courses, this challenge is a great way to sharpen your skills. Get ready to test your SQL knowledge with our April 2020 SQL Challenge!

Let’s start!

Expand an Auto Parts and Repair Business!

Many people want to create their own company. Starting is not easy, but your commitment and hard work might pay off with a successful business that you love.

Terry dreamed about starting his own auto parts and repair business, and now his dream is a reality. Things are going well, and he is ready to expand his company. To achieve this goal, he needs information about his car parts store and workshop. What data will help him make future decisions about his company? What are the best ways for him to expand?

Follow the instructions to gather and analyze information about Terry’s company. This will help him expand his store and workshop! (Hint: In each exercise, you can see a sample of the data. Look in the right-hand menu, under the “Database” tab.)

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    1. April 2020 Challenge

    Practice SQL with our free SQL coding challenges for beginners! Each month, there’s a new set of exercises to solve with real-time feedback.

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