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Scrabble Time



Now, we would like to improve our function find_possible_words() from the previous exercise. We'd like the function to only find words of a given length. In this exercise we'll create an auxiliary function that will check if the word is of the given length.

In the next exercise, we'll use it to improve the find_possible_words() function.


Let's build a function called check_word_length() that will focus only on filtering the words based on their length. This function will have three parameters:

  • word: a word to check.
  • min_word_length: minimum word length to be considered.
  • max_word_length: maximum word length to be considered.

The function should return True when the length of a given word is greater than or equal to the min_word_length and less than or equal to the max_word_length, and False otherwise. We'll add this function to our main function in the next exercise.