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Counting with dictionaries
Grouping with dictionaries
Linking with dictionaries
14. The update() function


Good job! The next function we will need in linking dictionaries is update(). Take a look:

prices = {'Volvo': 15000, 'Ford': 12000, 'Skoda': 14000}
new_prices = {'Volvo': 20000, 'Nissan': 15000 }


You are given a dictionary with prices for various cars and a dictionary with some new prices. The function update() updates the prices dictionary with values from the new_prices dictionary. After the update the new price of Volvo is 20000. A new car make Nissan is added to prices, its price is 15000.


You are given the dictionary with salaries for 2019. Use the salaries_update dictionary to update salaries for 2019. Print the modified salaries_2019 dictionary.

Note that the new employee Mary has been added to salaries_2019.