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2. Get to know the games table


Now we move on from cats and focus on something completely different video games. It's a much bigger table that consists of 9 columns. We need to emphasize the fact that although the names of the gaming systems are real, all other data are completely made up. So don't bother looking for these games on the Internet – you won't find them!


Select all data from the games table.

As you can see, this table consists of the following columns:

  • id – the ID of a given game.
  • title – the title of a given game.
  • company – the name of a company that produced a given game.
  • type – the genre of a given game.
  • production_year – the year in which a game was created.
  • system – the system for which a game was released.
  • production_cost – the cost of producing of a given game.
  • revenue – the revenue a given game generated.
  • rating – the rating of a given game.