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Healthy Shop database
MULTIPLE JOINs – Exercises
10. Exercise 6


You're doing great! Only a few more to go.


For every sale that happened between 2015-01-15 and 2015-01-22, show:

  • the date of the sale,
  • the name of the producer (rename the column to comp_name),
  • product name - rename the column to product_name,
  • the total price for this product (calculated using the price per unit and amount). Alias the column to total_price.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

That's a bit trickier one.

In order to get the correct result range, you have to filter the result by date. To do so, you can use the BETWEEN ... AND ... clause:

WHERE date BETWEEN '2015-01-15' AND '2015-01-22'


SELECT, AS comp_name, AS product_name,
  amount * price AS total_price
FROM product p
JOIN producer prod
  ON p.producer_id =
JOIN sales_history sh
  ON sh.product_id =
WHERE date BETWEEN '2015-01-15' AND '2015-01-22';